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Thursday, August 28, 2014 02:00 PM by larry
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Randy Swaty

FAC, FEMA, Firewise, FWS, IAFC, NACO, NFPA, NPS, NRCS, State Forestry Associations, State DOT, USFA, USFS, WFLC, Wildland and Structural Fire Departments, University Extension, NASF, NAASF, & NE RSC

Short Term (0-2 years), Mid Term (2-4 years), & Long Term (>4 years)

• Expand The Nature Conservancy (TNC) hub and spoke FAC network • Collaboratively fund workshops and peer learning opportunities • Increase support for the work of the FAC coalition and the increased effective use of Firewise Communities/USA®; Ready, Set, Go!, CWPPs, and the tools thereof to achieve outcomes. • Develop support (release time, performance measures, budgets) for state and agency personnel to provide technical support and work with integrated fire management collaboratives at the county, Tribal territory, and/or community level. • Enlist the participation of Social Science research and researchers in the adaptive management of this system, to move from shared learning to action. • Facilitate an information collection and dissemination system from pre-planning through outcomes and adaptation in an open source approach. • Provide feedback loop from local to national level at the project to CS revision scales.

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